Create a claim

A guide to how to make a claim for runes on Ordinal Genesis

  1. Sign into the creator dashboard for runes.

  2. Once you have signed in, you will access the creator dashboard where you can click on 'Create Runes'.

  1. Once you are in the 'Collection Details,' please fill out the Rune Name, provide a description, and enter the Twitter URL if desired.

  2. Next, you will proceed to the 'Customize Collection' section, where you can set the start times for both the whitelist and public phases. You have the option to activate either both phases or just one.

    For the whitelist addresses, the input is as follows:

<Address> <Rune Amount>
<Address> <Rune Amount>
<Address> <Rune Amount>
<Address> <Rune Amount>


tb1parj6eculqha7chctcaham0zw6adj7zltvtt4d6avyd0csfqkz75sjs8vu4 200
tb1parj6eculqha7chctcaham0zw6adj7zltvtt4d6avyd0csfqkz75sjs8vu4 300
tb1parj6eculqha7chctcaham0zw6adj7zltvtt4d6avyd0csfqkz75sjs8vu4 200
tb1parj6eculqha7chctcaham0zw6adj7zltvtt4d6avyd0csfqkz75sjs8vu4 100
  1. After adding the start times and other details, you will be directed to the deposit page.

    At the top of the page, you will find the deposit address for the runes. Once you have deposited the runes, you can enter the transaction hash into the 'Transaction ID' field. The 'Rune ID' field should be filled with the rune ID, such as '2586875:2276'. Enter the total amount of runes transferred in the 'Total Amount' field. Lastly, in the 'Rune Logo' field, you can upload a logo. After depositing the runes you need to wait 1-2 blocks until you can go to the next page, this is to ensure the runes are properly stored and confirmed in the deposit wallet

  2. Finally, the team at Ordinal Genesis will review the listing and provide approval, typically within a few hours. If the matter is urgent, you may contact one of our team members via our Discord channel.

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